theBalm ShadyLady Eyeshadow
theBalm ShadyLady Eyeshadow

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  • theBalm ShadyLady Eyeshadow is described as "Eye color enhancing powder eye shadow."
  • WHERE TO BUY: Google Search. It costs $16.00

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theBalm Just This Once Jamie : First of all, love the name of the eyeshadow! Just this once Jamie hehe. First of all, can we look at the packaging? Anything that has animal print makes me happy, it brings out the tacky Jerseylicious side of me :) The shadow comes in a lightweight cardboard box that's magnetized shut. What makes me happier than animal print on a product? One that has a mirror attched. I'm easily pleased :) Now, onto the colour. It's so hard to describe, so here goes. It's a taupe mushroomy colour with plum ...
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theBalm Just This Once Jamie : theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow is an unusual shade-it is a pinked plum-brown with a little grayish taupe tinge. Do you see how many different shades I fit into the description? Pink, plum, brown, gray, taupe! It is certainly a color that will look subtly different on varying complexions-for instance, those with pinker undertones will see the pink become more pronounced, while warmer complexions will see more of the brown peeking through. The packaging is simple cardboard, which makes ...
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