Laura Mercier Lip Colour - Creme
Laura Mercier Lip Colour - Creme

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Laura Mercier Dry Rose : This is described as a Rose Brown Mauve Color and it is exactly like its description, with more of Rose Brown and less of Mauve. This muted rose color has just the right amount of brown and does not looks super berry red or muddy brown. The hint of mauve makes it one of those my lips but better (MLBB) lipstick for pigmented lips. Formula, Texture, Consistency: The semi-matte formula is very creamy, but not overly delicate like lip butters or YSL lipsticks that lose their shape n smoosh inside...
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Laura Mercier Rose : This was actually the very first lipstick I bought in my life and it is one I actually went to the make-up ladies counter. For my first lipstick I knew that I didn't want anything to bold, just a nice soft pink, for those days when your lips are kind of blah looking and lip moisture just doesn't cut it. I also have really dry lips so I wanted something that was as moisturizing as possible, I remember I watched Michelle Phan on youtube and she always had this pretty pink lip color from Lancome...
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