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Dior 643 Diablotine : I bought this lipstick on a total whim – a Dior SA used it on me and I thought it was just way too pretty to pass up.
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Nicci Gilland
Dec 12
Dior Spotlight 612 : DIOR Addict Spotlight Lipstick is the lipstick I kinda regret buying, it's not a color I find myself been using a lot after I got it. However it is a pretty everyday nude color and it fits with everything. I like the formula and it is a lipstick you can apply without doubting whether it looks good or not. To me this is more like a balm than a lipstick, but it sure does look a lot better than a balm though ;-) It looks a lot darker in the tube and it was all the glitter that made me buy it, bu...
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