Dior Addict Lip Polish
Dior Addict Lip Polish

The Low-down

  • Dior Addict Lip Polish is described as "A moisturizing lip primer and polish in one."
  • WHERE TO BUY: Google Search. It costs $31.00

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Dior Fresh Expert : Fresh Expert is SO pretty. The gloss is thick and shiny, with little to NO stick. The shade is a little more pigmented in the tube and the swatch, but for every day use, this is love. Dior is my HG for their Lip Balm, and this would be a nice replacement for that in the winter for more moisture. Also, it smells like candy. So if a little gets in your mouth you won't be offended ;) Wear is pretty decent. It's thick, so it sticks around a wee bit longer than a regular gloss (as long as you don'...
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Dior Fresh Expert : The Dior Addict Lip Polish smoothing lacquer is the only Dior lip product I have not tested. I figured I should remedy the situation and purchased Fresh Expert, despite reservations from reviews claiming the gloss was relatively sheer. I kept my fingers crossed but alas, on my medium-pigmented mauve lips, the beautiful and neutral milky pink base of Fresh Expert is virtually undetectable. The gloss does have other redeeming qualities, though! It may be nearly clear but it imparts some of the ...
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