The Origin of Savvyist

Once upon a May 2014, one very color-challenged girl embarked on a mission to find a new blush. She began, of course, at Sephora (the mecca) but the array of colors was overwhelming. Several caught her eye as being particularly gorgeous, but she was dismayed to find that some of the shades were simply misrepresented, and others looked very different on different skintones.

After a couple of days of much confusion and many browser tabs, she decided to just settle for something that looked just generally nice. It was far from perfection, but the experience inspired her into thinking that something like Savvyist had to exist. Something that would help you discover makeup for someone like you, from real people with skintones and colorings like you. And thus, the beginnings of Savvyist!

Special Credits

  • Jason Gao, who has given me constant support across everything.
  • Sylvia Lewis, my sister.
  • Layla, laid the foundation for the Beauty Guru Match Tool.
  • Bethany, helped with organizing and sharing the site.
  • Marble, made significant contributions to the backend.
  • Drew Harry, taught me front-end development.
  • /r/makeupaddiction, which has provided incredibly helpful feedback.