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Nikkie Amsterdam, Netherlands
My name is Nikkie and I run this website full of beauty madness! I'm a professional Hair & Makeup Artist from the Netherlands and Beauty Guru on YouTube! Learn more
I'm just a 24 year old humble dog lover who happens to have a small obsession with all things beauty! Learn more
Lindy aka Bubz Beauty North Ireland
Willing to try. Willing to learn. You guys are my inspiration. Thank you for supporting the biggest dork on the planet. My channel is to help make people realise their own beauty. In their hearts. I'm an unpredictable girl with a passion for... Learn more
Shannon New Zealand
I'm Shannon and I'm a total Beauty junkie! I am from New Zealand and live in Palmerston North with my Boyfriend, some friends, and my puppies Zeus and Lewie! I am 23 years old, and just your average girl! Except maybe a little bit more obsessed... Learn more
Elle Los Angeles, USA
Beauty, Fashion, and Decor. I love anything feminine! Learn more
Estee London, UK
I'm a 24 year old beauty blogger who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle endeavours. I made the move from Canada to England almost four years ago and I am loving every second of it. Once in England, I started this blog as a fun hobby and soon I've... Learn more
Anna Surrey, UK
Hey guys! I'm Anna and welcome to my channel! Here you will find a mish-mash of everything including mommy vlogs, beauty, diet, fashion, a little bit of baking & everything in between! :) Learn more
Sinead Ireland
Welcome to The Make-up Chair! I created this channel to teach make-up classes for free on-line, so if there is anything you want to know, just ask! Learn more
Kasey Arizona, USA
As a busy mother and a full time worker I want to inspire young women that we still deserve to feel, look and be glamorous! Learn more
Julia aka Julia Graf Switzerland
I'm Julia Graf and I'm the owner and writer of this blog. Most of you probably know me from Youtube where I create makeup and beauty tutorials. I became interested in makeup when I was in my college years, and I saw it as a beautiful and... Learn more
Leesha Arizona, USA
Hi! I'm Leesha, I'm 23 and I run xSparkage. xSparkage is a website showcasing all things beauty, including makeup tutorials and how-to's, product reviews, along with high-definition photos of products, swatches, and makeup looks. Learn more
Allison aka Allison Anderson Seattle, WA, USA
Welcome to my channel! I'm Allison and I've always been a camera nerd. I majored in broadcasting in college and love producing video content, so here I am on YouTube to share my favorite things with all of you! I can chat beauty products all day... Learn more