Promise Los Angeles, USA
Medium with Neutral Undertones
7Dark Brunette Hair
Brown Monolids Eyes
Known as the Human Chameleon or Mystique. I love using Make-up to transform myself into famous Celebrities and Characters !!! I started using make-up when I was in Middle school.I never went to a Beauty school. Growing up I never felt like I was pretty enough so I would try everything to change up my look. But in time it sharpened my skills and it turned out for better. Now I've learned to love the way I look and How God has made me unique and Special in his Eyes. I use Make-up to Entertain and to teach my viewers how to use Make-up to Enhance their natural Beauty. In my videos you might also see a cute Fluffy Dog. His Name is 'Nimbus'. He is 3 years old now and He is a mini American Eskimo. He loves the Spotlight ! Also My Husband Steve makes a special appearance once in a while in my videos. He is the sweetest guy and also the Shyest Haha
Faceless Girl Makeup Tutorial !!!
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iPhone X vs Makeup Transformation (Face ID TEST)
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Husband does my Voiceover !!!
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Selena Gomez Makeup Transformation !!!
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