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This beauty guru finder helps you find makeup and beauty gurus that best match your skintone, undertone, skin type, haircolor, eyecolor, and/or eyelid type. By expanding the "more options" field, you can also search for gurus by location, so you can find someone local to you. We hope this is a useful resource for you to discover looks and tutorials from someone similar to you – or if you just want new beauty blog and beauty youtube inspiration!

How are the different inputs weighted?
Hair color and skintone are weighted a bit more heavily than the others. If you mostly care about only a few inputs, then you can just fill in only those inputs and leave the rest blank.

What's my eyelid type?
This is a great post explaining most of the different eyelid types. Demi eyelids are one of the more confusing eyelid types. They are "similar to double eyelids however they only show half of the double eyelids."

What's my skin type?
Check out this guide to skin types.

How do I know what undertones I have?
There are several tests, like the ones listed here, but the easiest ways to tell are:
  • Consider the colors of clothing you look best in. Are they mostly warm (orange-based red, peachy pink/salmon, orange, yellow, teal/blue-green, olive green, plummy purple, brown) or mostly cool (blue-based red, cool pink and purple, mauve, blue, gray, black, white)? Even if you have warm or cool undertones, you may not look good in all the colors listed in that category; just think about which category the majority of your favorite colors fall into.
  • Look at photos of yourself next to other people; a lot of the time, it's easier to determine your undertones in comparison to others. See this post on undertones for more.

What do the skintone categories mean?
Undertones refer to the tones that show through the surface color of your skin. Sometimes skin has surface redness (from rosacea, for instance), but that isn’t the same thing as your undertones. You can read more about undertones here.

Regarding the categories, here are the MAC foundation shade equivalents for each skintone category. If you have another foundation match and don’t know your MAC shade equivalent, you can use Findation to figure it out.

Category MAC foundation shade equivalent(s)
Pale NC/NW15 and lighter
Light NC/NW15-20
Light medium NC/NW25-30
Medium NC/NW30-37
Dark medium NC/NW40-45
Dark NW/NC45 and darker

How do I get added as a Guru?
Email us at with your blog/Youtube. If we find it a helpful resource, we'll add you in!