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Claire Ashley Washington, D.C.
Hey out there! Thank you for taking the time to look at my channel. I'm Claire, I'm 24. I've created this channel to share my sense of fashion, my passion for makeup, and anything that inspires me in the moment. Learn more
Maryam New York, USA
Makeup Tutorials, Nail Art How-To's and Products Reviews by Maryam Maquillage Learn more
Dimma UK
Nigerian living in Nigeria. God/History/Cake lover. Learn more
Hot & Flashy is for mature women who want to look and feel their best while in the hot-flash years! I'm Angie, and having recently celebrated my 50th birthday, I can confidently say that 50 is the gift that just keeps on giving!! Hot Flashes?... Learn more
Vaughn Chicago, Illinois, USA
My name is Vaughn and this is a Vlog channel dedicated to Natural Hair, Beauty and Fashion! Learn more
Kate Glasgow, Scotland
Hi, I'm Kate. I'm from New Zealand, I've lived in Australia for two years & I also lived in England for a little while. I now live in Glasgow so it's a mix! I'm quite small, 5ft 4 I think and a size 8 or 10. Normal. Learn more
Hi there, my name is Eshani and welcome to my beauty channel! I'm 23 years old, and I am a complete makeup enthusiast. If you love honest, unbiased thoughts on the latest and greatest beauty finds, you'll definitely want to stick around. ==Desi... Learn more
Sokolum Vancouver, Canada
I am a makeup artist, cosmetics collector, nail lacquer wearer and hair enthusiast. I am based out of Vancouver, Canada. Learn more
Jody Seattle, USA
Welcome to the creative outlet for sharing my Makeup Looks, reviews, tips, style and a little bit of everything else! Learn more
Dasha Kim aka Dayeshka Sydney, Australia
Korean makeup artist with a large variety of makeup tutorials and skincare videos. Her tutorials are particularly well suited for monolids. Learn more
Hollie California, USA
I'm Hollie, a 19 year old aspiring makeup artist and lipstick hoarder! I've been obsessed with makeup for as long as I can remember. In makeup there are as many endless brands, colors, textures, and finishes as there are makeup looks, and I'm... Learn more
Christine California, USA
Temptalia is a global reference and resource for beauty enthusiasts featuring in-depth reviews, photos, swatches, tutorials, and beauty tips, along with popular features, such as Dupe List, Foundation Matrix, and Swatch Gallery. The company was... Learn more